A big hello to everyone!

Hello everyone.  This is my first blog entry and therefore, it will be an introduction to me and my life.  I have just started reading the student blogs and really like reading them.

I live in Canada, I work at a university in education administration.  Right now, there is so much work and so much paper on my desk that I don’t know where to start.  As I am writing this piece, I am staring at all the work I have to do and decided to take a break and write this blog.

I just looked out my huge windows in my office.  It is snowing a lot outside; huge snowflakes, so beautiful to look at.  So, let me now tell you all a little about myself.  I am originally from South Asia, lived in the Middle East for almost half of my life and studied in high school and university in Toronto.  My experience from all these places have made me who I am.  I love to travel, especially going to Europe and I love to meet people from different cultures and learning something different from them.

I am very passionate about higher education and literacy.  I think that education is the right of each and every human being and it is the path to freedom.  My passion for higher education led me to my career in education management and program management.  And that is how I ended up in my current masters program, MA in Educational Leadership and Management.  I am in my 2nd year of my program, currently taking my optional modules.  I will be starting my dissertation year (gulp!) this fall and as I am very excited about it, but very nervous!

My sister and I had started a charity business; we made beaded bracelets and donated half of the profit for Breast Cancer Society and with the other half we bought more material.  We initiated this because my maternal grandmother died from breast cancer and we wanted to do something for her.

I have a foster child, Nite (pronounced Niti) who is now 8 years old and I first started to support her when she was only 3 ½ years old and over the years, when she sends me cards or letters, I can see how she has developed and I feel proud to have helped at least one child and give the gift of education.

There, now I have told you all a little bit about myself and I am sure you will get to know me a little better as I write more.  I am very excited to read future blogs from the other bloggers as well.  And oh, it stopped snowing and the sun is out!  This is Toronto, for you!  Only in Toronto, it can snow, rain and be sunny in the same day!  :)

ps. I had taken photos to show you all the snow and when it stopped snowing, but I guess there is no option to upload photos, or maybe I am missing it.

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