A New Year and a New Egypt

As one approaches a new year, the first thoughts that come to mind usually are the achievements of that year which is about to end. Looking at 2011 as whole, I find this year very special both on the national level and on the personal level.

History will never forget this date, 25th January 2011, which has sparked the light for the Egyptian Revolution. For Egypt, the major achievement of 2011 is taking the first steps towards real democracy. Since the first days of the revolution, Egyptians have learned that it is the power of unity that can make them change the world and it is unity that will enable us to continue our path. One hopes we will never disregard the lesson.

As for myself, 2011 also reminds me of the special friendships that I have built with my study partners worldwide. This is my second academic year to participate in online study groups. I have really enjoyed sharing not only study experience but also life experience with other students all over the globe. I will never forget those days when I felt happy for my friend who was getting married in Pakistan, or when I felt sorry for my friend’s son who was sick in Chile, or when I wished luck to my friend who was moving in England. These feelings have always brought to mind this Quranic verse that says “O’ Mankind! We created you from male and female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another.” It is a blessing that we are various and it is a blessing that the University of London International Programme gives us a great chance to know one another.

Happy New Year everywhere and Happy New Egypt!

Post by: Mai Mahmoud

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