Studying in Cairo, life after the revolution…

Writing from downtown Cairo 42 weeks after the Egyptian Revolution, I still cannot find words that would express my feelings as an Egyptian student experiencing 18 days of unrest and absolute uncertainty. For more than two weeks, protestors crowded the neighbourhood with outcries that shook the ground; one could not help but hope for a better future to come.

Throughout those grave days I had one source of light: my studies. I was full of faith that one day the sun would rise on free Egyptians empowered by their aspirations and ambitions to build their country. With these thoughts in mind, I knew had to start with myself and build my future by studying hard –even if there was no hope of reaching my school or taking my exams under that turmoil.I personally found my studies with the University of London motivating enough to push me to study even those days when distress and misery were clouding the country. Learning of the mechanisms adopted by different countries’ economies to overcome even the most adverse conditions was a great source of inspiration to me. Ironically, I lived out my passion of studying for a BSc in banking and finance at a time when banks had not been working for 10 days and the Egyptian Stock Exchange had closed down for 8 consecutive weeks.

A few years ago when I heard people saying “Education can change people’s lives”, I used to think that this statement was too exaggerated. Now I have to admit that it is education, among other things, that has equipped me with this foresight and persistence to maintain a constructive approach and contribute to the revolution with an eagle eye on the future. I have just come to realise the depth of the old Arabic wisdom: “Knowledge is a source of light”.

Post by: Mai Mahmoud

8 thoughts on “Studying in Cairo, life after the revolution…

  1. Hi ,I’m Amr Aly Ismail, studied at Uol international programes class 2011,from Egypt.
    I wish you good luck Mai in your studing, and don’t let any thing disturb you or take your attention from your studying.For me, i studied for BSc politics and international relations .so you can imagine how i felt when revolution arise and how that affected my study and my way of thinking.However, the hope for a better future was the only motivation for me .Now i’m graduated and the day for me is divide to 2 parts,morning in the work ,evening in the street with my friends to continue our journey and do our duty towards our country .
    good luck again Mai


  2. Mai, I just cannot find enough words to express how much I’m proud of you. You have always proven to be a determined and dedicated student and citizen. Like you said, it is education that will bring us a bright future and make us worthy citizens to our country. The revolution shook us all and woke us up from a long deep coma. Now a lot of us are actually thinking how we can improve in order to help our country and help shape a bright future for the coming generations. I’m proud of you and I pray that Allah grants you the strength to seek knowledge as much as possible and make it benefitial to the community. Good luck…


  3. Hey Mai and Ali,
    I really wish you good luck. I’ve been interested in studying an MSc from the UoL international programs. I am an Egyptian as well. My only problem, however, is the funding. So I was wondering if you’ve been personally funding this program or if you’ve been having a loan or a scholarship. If you know any source or sponsor that can support me with some funding, I’d be very grateful if you could give me some insight.

    Thank you and good luck to you all


  4. Oh, hopless student plz don’t b hopeless. My advice is to check with the British Council for funding or scholarship opportunities.

    Best of luck InshaAllah


  5. Mai, this was really inspiring! Your passion is contagious and I wish you success. Education is certainly enlightening – imagine what broad access to education could do to entire societies!!


  6. Inspirational and well said…… should spread your wisdom and knowledge throughout your country to make a better future for the coutry of Egypt and your people…


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