As I cross over to London…

Being a member of the world´s biggest human rights organization, Amnesty International, I have dreamt of not just being a Lawyer, but one with class and difference. To achieve my dreams, I applied to study Law in one of the world´s leading universities- the University of London International Programmes.Yes, this means I would be able to enrich myself personally, promote my worth in the labour market, earn the University of London’s prestigious LLB degree and practice as a Human Rights Lawyer.

Having studied at the Faculty of Law of the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria, for two years and having served as the Coordinator of Amnesty International-Nigeria Group 4 in my home country university, I want to step up, move on to the next level, be more and study through the most challenging, yet rewarding distance learning and flexible programmes in the world while I continue working and taking care of my family and my studies.

Since the University of London has been offering degree programmes to students worldwide since 1858, and has got a track record in delivering courses to people wherever they live and whatever their circumstances, there is no wiser choice I could have made than to come to the University of London-a place where world leaders such as Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka and former South African President Nelson Mandela among others were/are made.

Presently. I live in Bratislava, Slovakia. I am proud to be one of the over 50,000 students of UOL who are scattered worldwide. I am finding every second with the UOL academically interesting. To my colleagues who are together with me on this rigorous and sweet academic journey , what else could I say than congratulations. May we arrive our destination safely.-Akintayo

6 thoughts on “As I cross over to London…

  1. Hi Akintayo, am also a Nigerian with interests in international human rights law, and I hope to enroll for the university of london LLM programme would really love to connect with you if you don’t mind. Thanks and God bless. Fanan Biem. Makurdi, Nigeria.


  2. This entry is so inspiring. I must also agree that the UoL’s programme is academically challenging, yet it is prestigious, world class, and intellectually stimulating. I actually have a lot of fun pursuing the LLB course. It promises to propel you into the ‘world of work’ with in fine academic style and certification.


  3. Hello Akintayo

    Thank you for your very inspiring post. I especially liked the following line:
    “To my colleagues who are together with me on this rigorous and sweet academic journey , what else could I say than congratulations. May we arrive our destination safely.”

    That line reminds me that, there are truly many others like myself, so well spread across the Globe, who feel as proud as I do of being a student of the Law and of the UOL at that.

    Congratulations to you as well, and may we all indeed traverse this landscape and arrive safe and sound to the end that we foresaw at the beginning.

    Thanks again.



  4. Nice hearing your story, its encouraging. I want to study for the UoL International LLB, but an advisor told me its not recognised by the Law school, that brings me to my question, does the Nigeria Law School accept the UoL International LLB for admission?


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