Where do you study?

Given that we are all studying via distance learning this is an important question. We don’t have the luxury of libraries or free periods. When I was working I tried to fit in doing my background reading where I could: on my commute, at lunch & even on long dull conference calls. Then on the weekends I’d hole up in my apartment (ignoring my poor husband) and try to work through topics or prep for seminars. I am sure that this is familiar to you all – though you are probably more of a diligent employee and didn’t spend meetings sketching out essay outlines on the back of handouts. I was so time poor that any location would do.

Now that I am home full-time I find myself more concerned with constructing an environment with least amount of distractions. What I had noticed is that I am more productive when I work in cafes but it isn’t really practical to work for long stretches in my local Starbucks so I’ve been working to recreate the atmosphere at home:

  • Shower & get dressed – this probably sounds like a basic but when you are working from home it’s tempting to stay in your pjs but I find getting ready as if I was going out puts me in the right frame of mind
  • Turn off the laptop’s wifi – the internet is the great tool and time suck; so I keep it turned off whilst I work through some tasks
  • Create specific task list – I use to have open ended study goals when I was at home and I’d find that I would get lost, as opposed to when I’d go to a cafe with a specific task list because I would need to bring the right materials with me
  • Change locations – I only have a 700 sq ft apartment so it is not as if I have lots of places to go, but I like to do my serious studying at a table, and then save sitting on the sofa for the “light” stuff like reading through articles. Funny story I have a desk in the bedroom but for some reason it feels more lonely to study in there than in the living even though I am home alone
  • Put on the radio – okay I don’t actually have a radio but on a separate device I stream Pandora and make sure it is at the opposite side of the flat so that I can’t get up change channels or fast forwarding through songs

So that is where I am studying, and what I am doing to create the optimum environment. What are you doing? Any tricks for greater productivity you’d like to share?


4 thoughts on “Where do you study?

  1. That’s true. When you are studying online it’s a little bit difficult to find a place to do it so quietly. But it depends on your own, when I was studying psychology online university. Happily, I found a library nearby to my home so I could find a good place to keep reading and learning.


  2. I have been on this course for a year now.I am a stay at home mother and for me the one time I am free and when its quiet is when the kids are at school and after they sleep. Studying at home really is challenging there are just too many distractions.

    This time around I have committed myself to join the local library, its more motivating when you see others studying and it encourages me. I just needed to change the environment and now I am making better progress than last time.

    LOSTINFOOTNOTES – please urgently check out the local libraries.


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