Student Inspiration – Canada and UK: MSc Organizational Psychology

Jane Purves is a current MSc Organizational Psychology student who has studied the distance learning programme in Canada and now in the UK. In this video Barbara speaks about the experiences of studying while raising a family and the challenges she faced.

If you would like to find out more about studying for this course visit the University of London International Programmes website – MSc Organizational Psychology.

4 thoughts on “Student Inspiration – Canada and UK: MSc Organizational Psychology

  1. I am looking forward to networking with those students currently taking up the LLB 1st year program. By the way, i am from Penang, Malaysia and taking up this program as part time student.

    Rgs,..August Khaw


  2. Hi my is Avtar Sidhu, after watching Jane Purves video, talking about her previous undergraduate studies she did from Canada and now going for her MSc in UK. I was very interested to find out how she Managed to hold down full-time job and look after her children while she completed her degree via the UOL Inter Program!!

    I have twins 2 year old daughters myself, which I`ve been looking after for the last few months on my own, since I was laid off work more than 8 months ago, and while my wife is still working full-time to support us. But good fortune finally came and I was very lucky enough to find new full-time job myself.

    So my point is, I also live in Canada – Vancouver, BC. I would also like to study for my BSc degree in IT with the UOL, but my biggest concern and worry was, what is the best way to manage and find time to study, while holding down full-time Job and looking after your kids or at the same time ??

    Many Thanks


  3. Hi Avtar, I would say that you have to be really interested in the subject you have decided to study in order to remain motivated. This means that even though sometimes you may think you just can’t possibly pick up a book after work, getting the kids to bed, doing housework, shopping etc, once you actually get yourself started you’ll become so involved in the subject, you’ll forget how tired you are! When I started my BA French degree, my twin boys were 8 years old, my youngest daughter 10 and my eldest daughter 17; I work full time and I bring up my children on my own. It’s taking me a long time – if all goes according to plan I will have taken 6 or 7 years to get my degree (and I will be 52 – aagh!) but it will have been well worth it! So Avtar GOOD LUCK with your new job, your lovely little girls (twins are certainly a handful but also worth it!)and I wish you all the best for your BSc.


  4. Hi Tracy, Thanks for responding back to my blog. Wow bringing up 4 kids on your own is quite amazing achievement just on its own, let alone trying to hold down full-time job and studying for degree, big respect!!

    I see your point about choosing the right subject, very good point and thanks for sharing that valuable experience with me Tracy. Luckily I think I should be OK on that part since I already have about 10 years of IT experience under by belt and do honestly enjoy my work. So hopefully like you said this should also help keep me motivated in my studies too right?
    But what I really admire is the long term commitment you can maintain to complete your ultimate goal and get that degree. My wish is I hope I can do the same. Well done Tracy and keep up the good work, I`m pretty sure the 6 or 7 years you put in will pay off for sure in the long run. Best of luck !!


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