Closing the loop

I have been a student here for past two years and I have a lot of praise for this system. Not only does the University support the flexible study of its awards irrespective of geographical location, but its greatest asset are the people involved. I have met students and staff from various lead colleges over my two years here, and they are all remarkable people. Our mode of study is atypical, so it’s not entirely surprising those involved are too.

I have met many students who work five days a week or more, some supporting families, others living far away from theirs. The details are different, but there is a common theme of passion to pursue a better future.

This is my second undergraduate degree, my other attained at another University in the UK through the traditional mode of study. Being able to compare the learning environments, I find more inspiration from those here – the drive and need to succeed I have not witnessed as deep as people here. To those I meet – you inspire me to do well – not just academically but to make the most out of life. For this, I thank you!

We do face some challenges ahead – one of which is building a better community for students. Many students do not have the opportunity to meet with others face to face and the internet will be an important medium to develop the academic community – so we can develop relationships with others, share ideas,  debate, question – mirroring the interactions typical in a physical university.

The community is important because it is traditional in the UK for students to be involved – to shape both the social community they are part of but also as members of the University help decide the direction the University takes. We are all members of the University. It is my passion and drive for students to get involved in shaping their community, and I have been campaigning to improve the student voice for the past two years.

Since November 2009 I have been a member of the University’s Quality Assurance and Student Lifecycle subcommittee that meet in London a few times a year. Along with a handful of other student members we are able to contribute directly in the decision-making processes of the University – wholly with your interests at heart.

I am always available to listen to your concerns and praises for the university, and I am able to provide an additional route of communication between you as students and the University to ensure discussions are followed up to a timely resolution. Moreover I hope to use this blog in the coming months to make sure you know of the progress we are making; to ‘close the loop‘ in communication, through feedback.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

About the Author:
Alexander Adranghi is currently studying BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Economics and works for Bloomberg. He holds a BSc (Hons) Computer Science from the University of Kent and is a former Kent Union student officer responsible for the student voice in the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medical Studies. Alex has a blog and can also be found on twitter.

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