When the next book beckons…. seriously consider the Summer school for Literature students!

The ‘Fever Pitch’ for the World Cup is now coming down, slowly, but surely, and no doubt, many of you are still watching and waiting, even though your team has been ‘sent off’ – and you are maybe watching anyway for the love of the game, or maybe your team is still in there potent, and strong for the next opponent…one of my favourites has survived, and I cannot wait for them to take home the trophy!

That said aside, watching teams that don’t really interest you, but for the love of the game, can be likened to reading particular authors that bore you to death, or discovering new ones that you got turned off by title or name, only to discover them later on as being ‘not so hard, boring, or too stiff to understand’ after all. The Explorations parts I and II can grab or repel you, and reading as much as possible is important and opens your mind up to the writers and their depth of meaning, whilst you re-discover why you began the pursuit and purpose of taking up literature in the first place, (I am only speaking for myself here).

For instance, for me, reading Charles Dickens is a chore, (I think he is an intelligent writer, and good story teller, but his stories don’t inspire me). Charlotte Brontë leaves me with stronger feelings to be very much back on track with my female psyche, and I love the way she displays the faults of others, she does so in ways that make you laugh, as well with so much irony that mirrors oneself, and others even in our own day and age.

Reading and listening to what others feel, or divulge in their own regard when it comes to reading is a very personal matter. We are all different and see the world of literature differently too. It is a relief at times to find that some of one’s study colleagues may hate reading the same texts as yourself, on that note, the external system has created the e-seminar courses, that picks up on what ‘others have to say’ – it does create a strong platform to express your likes and dislikes, or whether you agree or disagree. I was a little sad to hear that ‘The [English] summer school’ for UOL Literature students was not as full as it could be. Here is also a good forum to meet up with those whom you have only connected with via email, or via the VLE and student Cafe.

These are the same people, in the same boat as yourself, whilst focusing on the net for feedback and inspiration is fair, meeting fellow students in the flesh (and our tutors), is such great fun too, all of whom I have met so far are inspirational people, (the trips and theatre event even more so). I joined Summer school in 2008 and met people whom I would not normally encounter, all of whom felt very much the same way as I did about why they were studying Literature anyway. In this way, you can connect with your mother ship, (Goldsmiths College).

With that said, when your next book beckons, perhaps ponder the benefits of meeting your fellow student colleagues face to face this year at Summer School 2010 – I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

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4 thoughts on “When the next book beckons…. seriously consider the Summer school for Literature students!

  1. Nice insight Catherine! I wish I could attend Summer School but it is financially impossible this year, however, I’m planning to do so next year. I’m sure it will be a great experience to meet all my fellow students and faculty. It will have more the feel of attending university.

    Kind regards.



  2. Rachel-

    My heart nearly drowns in sorrow for you that Dickens doesn’t inspire you! I’ll admit to an undue predilection for all 19th century novel, but Dickens is the one I enjoy the most. If you ever want to immerse yourself for a week and really get a glimpse of the myriad facets to one of his novels, come to Santa Cruz the first week of August some year for the Dickens Universe at UC Santa Cruz. (http://dickens.ucsc.edu/universe/universe.html) It’s an amazing week with undergraduate seminars, graduate seminars, and formal lectures by distinguished scholars. I’ve attended as an undergraduate twice and it is fabulous fun. Each year they choose one novel to study, occasionally two and you get to discuss it with peers, talk to graduate students, as well as hear papers from Dickens scholars from all over the world. And everyone is open and accessible. Besides, what can be bad about Santa Cruz, California in August!
    I can’t make it this year for Oliver Twist and Sketches by Boz, but I’ll definitely go back, it even effects my choice of grad schools, I don’t want to go to a school that isn’t part of the consortium because I want to be able to attend the graduate seminar eventually.

    Ah well, I’ll stop, I just want everyone to get the pleasure I do from Dickens and feel so badly for those that can’t find it.

    Keep up the good blogging!


    PS: If anyone ever does decide to come out for the Universe, let me know, I live here in Santa Cruz and would love to see my distant friends in person!


  3. Hi Rachel,
    Setting the blog up is a great idea, so thanks!! I agree with you over Dickens, he’s one of those authors you feel you should like, but I just can’t get enthusiastic over him.



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