Seeing the bigger picture

During our studies and formal educational life, how many of us keep our eye on the ball and how many times do we ‘keep the wider vision’ of why we are doing this in mind?

Is keeping your eye on the ball the narrow focus of passing examinations and getting accredited and certified alone? Or does keeping your eye on the ball mean we to  in the wider peripheral vision too?

Is it to maintain the balance between the narrow and the wider focus? And how difficult is that?

Ok I have counted, those are five questions, rather than just one I intended to ask.

What I think I am really trying to ask and allude to is this:  Does purely rational choices and behaviours always matter?  Or is there room for less obvious irrational, yet intuitive and creative solutions.?

Let’s put these questions into context:

The Volcanic eruption in Iceland created travel chaos, business disruptions, missed school, college and university days, etc.  Something completely out of our ‘rational’ control.

Yet, in trying to make ‘rational choices’ people behaved and acted out of panic and fear, rather than turn towards the inner calm and creative ‘irrational’ spaces of our inner selves to look for other creative and more intuitive outlets for our frustrations.

So the result is that in chaos and fear people made what seemed like rational decisions to get home, leaving themselves well out-of-pocket by thousands of pounds, because their travel insurance does not cover ‘acts of god’.

Therefore my final question is this:

Is there not a paradox in rational behaviours leading to irrational consequences?

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2 thoughts on “Seeing the bigger picture

  1. i believe in rational choices but cant rule out the need for irrationality in our behaviors….ugh im confused!


  2. Hammass,

    Yes, confused we shall be.

    On reflection and having had further conversations with people over the last days since this post was published, one of the underlying themes is about the human craving for certainty versus uncertainty and for the need to calculate values, therefore attaching a risk factor or value on everything.

    However, by its very nature uncertainty cannot be ‘valued’ or calculated, but only an awareness of it fostered and hence the clear distinction between uncertainty (and irrationality) and risk (which possibly falls into the rational category can be made?).
    I’ll stick with my first paragraph:

    Confused we shall remain…


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