What matters in distance learning study

I am Josephine from Botswana studying BSc  Business Administration. I recently registered for the course and indeed it has provided me with some improvements in my career as an administrator and an accountant. I have drive and I know in a matter of time, I will be able to resolve issues without fear and this is what matters most. Distance learning is a challenge but determination is all that matters.

Time management and the use of the study guide are the weapons of successes to this programme:
• Plan your work and stick to your schedule of activities:
• Ask where you do not understand and expand your thinking horizons by going an extra mile with your research.

My advice to those newly enrolled to the programme is that the journey is not smooth and it might take a bit of your time for you to achieve your intended objectives.

You need to put some strategies in place i.e. how to balance your social time and your career time. Therefore, use different methods of study methods such as the on-line library, friends and families just to mentioned a few and get the best results ever.

We are all there and together we shall make it. Besides learning is a journey one must enjoy.

2 thoughts on “What matters in distance learning study

  1. It can also help if you’ve got supportive friends and family. Distance learning can be quite isolating without the support of fellow students


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