New Year, New Commitments

As one of the contributors to this blog, I would like to say “hello” and to wish all of you luck in this brave new year. I am pretty sure that everybody (students at least) is already busy preparing to the exams that will, as always, come faster than expected.

My name is Michal Gancarski and I am an undergraduate student of Mathematics and Economics, a University of London External System course prepared in cooperation with The London School of Economics and Political Science as a part of the EMFSS set of academic programmes. I live in Krakow, Poland and work as the economist for a small Polish-Norwegian hydropower company. I also serve as a co-host of a weekly music radio show in one of Krakow’s radio channels which gives me a thin layer of insulation from the busy family-work-studying schedule.

This blog is intended to show what it means to be an external student, how it can be done with other life commitments already in place and what to do to make it all fit together. I hope not only to share my own experience but also, or even mainly, to learn how you deal with your studies, especially if you work and take care of your families at the same time.

I will try to keep a regular posting schedule and I am looking forward to reading your comments on everything you find more or less relevant to the issues we write about. Share your thoughts, give us your input and make this blog a living space for exchanging ideas. And in the mean time – Happy New Year!

One thought on “New Year, New Commitments

  1. Hi Michal,
    thanks for your entry. I am glad to find someone studying maths and eco via the International Programmes from the University of London. I have been seeking in the internet to find out if you have the opportunity to make assignments which then will be marked by a tutor or someone. If so, are these assignments optional or compulsary?
    Thanks in advance,


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