First Mock Exam

November 13, 2015

Student writing in classRecently, my college just had our first mock exam. I do agree that it’s early for exams. We aren’t even close to finishing the syllabus yet and most of us aren’t warmed up to the subjects yet. Although, I know this is the third month and we should probably be rather more warmed up to the subjects than we are.

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One month in

October 19, 2015

University of London study guidesEvery time the academic school year starts, I feel like time moves so fast.

It wasn’t so long ago that our classes just begun. And now, a month has already passed.

My subject guides have already arrived. This means that it’s time to really buckle down and study harder.

However, I must admit that the first month is hardest. I still feel lazy. Even now, I still feel a little lazy. Good thing is, right now, I’m still on track. Everything is alright so far. But I must admit that it was a little hard to start reading and studying. My brain is still a little rusty. It’s like an engine that was left alone for sometime, so to start it, it takes some time.

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Beginning of the End

September 29, 2015

University of London study guidesHaving just received my second year results, I am finally and officially in my third and final year of BSc (Hons) Economics with the University of London International Programmes in Pakistan. I find it hard to fathom that I am already in my final year, hardly a few months (10 months, to be more specific) away from being an undergraduate student to becoming a graduate.

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Making a good start with Introduction to Economics

August 17, 2015

Runners starting race

Dear readers,

This is my first post and will be hopefully followed by many others during my studies. My name is Oscar, I’m Italian, and currently pursuing the BSc in Economics and Finance.

I decided to join the blog since I felt I had to share my impressions and experiences with fellow students as well as actively discuss about subjects we’re studying and how these relate to our daily lives. I hope we’ll have engaging discussions along the way.

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My First Exam Day

August 5, 2015

MA Refugee Protection student blogger IanHi, my name is Ian. Briefly, I am a 50–year-old, father of four, South African-born, UK-schooled, who lives in Israel, where I practise Employment and Refugee Law. I have just completed my first module in the University’s MA degree in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies and I now await my first examination results with some trepidation. My degree course is taught by distance learning with students hailing from all corners of the globe.

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What’s next?

July 30, 2015

Examinations may be over for some students, and they are anxiously waiting for results. Waiting for exam result is no doubt one of the most nerve wracking chapters in a student’s life.

The reality is, while some students who sit for exams excel, other may not excel for the same exams. For those who made a pass, congratulations! For others who do not excel or who are worried they didn’t do well, relax! It’s doesn’t matter if you didn’t do well in an exam. What matters is “What’s Next?”

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Good Luck exam letter

April 28, 2015

Dear students in arms,

There are two aspects to consider here that are relevant in undertaking any exam. The first is the psychological and the second is technical; I will try to elaborate on both holistically.

Quote about teacher by NietzcheFrom the psychological side we have to realize that we ourselves are our greatest teachers; tutors and professors can show us the way but we have to travel that path ourselves. A person who is determined and keeps on pursuing ultimately gets his/her rewards, with or without any tutor.  Later onwards in our lives we will realize that ‘one repays a teacher badly if one always remains only a pupil’ (Friedrich Nietzsche).

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